Splunk® Consulting and Support Services

Your Splunk® Investment

Whether you are just starting to explore where the Splunk® platform can bring value to your enterprise, or you have a large installation with needs for consulting services, Vivatas has the experienced resources to help.

  • Deployment planning, including defining use-cases that deliver real business value to stakeholders. Our resources are certified in the latest Splunk® Enterprise platform. We also are well-versed in many of the most popular Splunk Apps, such as Splunk App for Enterprise Security, Splunk App for VMWare, and Splunk Hadoop Connect
  • Architecture definition and analysis. Based on nominal and peak requirements, we understand how to structure a scalable, distributed, highly-available architecture that will perform when needed. If you are having issues with an existing deployment, we can do an analysis and health-check to recommend ways to optimize the configuration.
  • Custom Development. We can assist with defining custom adapters to integrate new data sources, defining and optimizing custom queries and reports, and implementing unique visualizations for your custom use-cases. We can also develop custom Apps that package a complete set of added functionality in interactive modules.

To find out more about our Splunk services, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (832) 550-2983.