Open Source Consulting

Open Source. Open Doors.

Open Source technology and support networks are stronger than ever before.

Beyond the commonly known LINUX and Apache, there are many functional and stable Open Source alternatives for most IT endeavors. Despite this, the majority of IT enterprises have continued to shy away from Open Source, choosing to invest in commercial software packages that demonstrate little tangible benefits over their Open Source counterparts.

Choosing the right Open Source product over a commercial alternative can result in considerable savings in software license, consulting, and maintenance fees, not to mention the avoidance of legal licensing headaches.

We Can Help

At Vivatas, we understand the challenge facing IT managers. The time needed to invest in seeking Open Source alternatives is often difficult to spare. We can help.

Vivatas has Open Source design and implementation experience that can be leveraged in your company's IT decisions. We have development skills in all the major languages, and can also diagnose and fix issues that may exist in the open-source code. We can also manage the sometimes-erratic release schedules of open-source packages by advising if a new release should be adopted or not, what dependencies may be affected, and when to begin planning for major functionality changes. Minimal Investment. Minimal Risk.

To minimize your upfront consulting investment, one option we offer is a 2-day consulting package that consists of a detailed investigation and high-level gap analysis for your specific area of interest for an Open Source alternative.

For example, if you are interested in leveraging an Open Source VPN, we can take pre-documented requirements for the VPN tool, analyze the best Open Source alternative(s), and deliver a review of the fit and gap analysis based on your requirements.